Pa Kua in Huntington Beach is a great place to train because their are so many different options. You can train sword, stand-up and ground along with yoga. It really meets the needs of every type of martial artist. This place has great people to train with and has a really positive atmosphere. View Testimonial on Google
This place is great. nice, knowledgeable instructors and a peaceful, warm environment. i took a couple classes with master jason practicing the sword and it was the best training i've evr gone through. i should still be training with them. it was the only thing i've ever done that made me feel i was close to where i should be View Testimonial on Google
I have had a great time at Pa-Kua! I just brought my Kids to learn Martial Arts at first but I started taking Martial Art classes there and have been having a great time! They really know what they're doing at Pa-Kua. View Testimonial on Google
I joined Pakua 2 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. If you are looking for a great work out and would like to make a few friends along the way, then Pakua is the place for you. View Testimonial on Google
Huntington Beach Pa Kua Martial Arts and Yoga is the best place I have ever trained. I have been training here since June of 2005 and it has helped to change my life. Masters Liz and Jason (owners of the school) are great examples of the knowledge that they teach. They are always available to all of their students any time of the day and poor their hearts into their students. Pa Kua is more than a Martial Art, it is a way of life and an Ancient Knowledge that will allow you to live a much healthier life in balance. It is more than Martial Arts and Yoga. They also teach Tai Chi, Reflexology, Edged weapons and more. There is something for everyone or everything for someone. Come in and try any first class for free and see for yourself. Hope to see you soon. Master Sally View Testimonial on Google
I highly recommend Pa-Kua Martial Arts and Yoga. It's a great place to come and feel good. There are so many different classes one can take. The best around! View Testimonial on Google
I've been going here for six years, and to say I love the place would be an understatement. Good school, good teachers, fun classes. I highly recommend this school. View Testimonial on Google
This place rocks. I have never had so much fun training. Awesome workout, cool people and we get a little but kicking in the mix. cant wait to go back View Testimonial on Google
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