Itinerant Master

An Itinerant Master is a Master that is sent by the International League of Pa-Kua, to work with specific goals for the city, state or country they are asked to teach in. In California we are fortunate to have the Entitled Superior Master Nicolas D. Moyano as our Itinerant Master. He is the highest internationally ranked Black Belt and is the President of the International League of Pa-Kua. Master Moyano is the direct disciple of Master Giordano, the founder of Pa-Kua.

Itinerant Masters allow for the students and Masters throughout the world the opportunity to learn from another Master with different experience then their own Master or Instructor. An Itinerant Master can teach Courses & Seminars that might not be available to learn by the Masters who teach locally. It’s very important for the development of a student to take the opportunity and learn as much as possible from the Itinerant Master when he is here. Master Moyano travels all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina to offer classes for all students and Masters. He is in California only 4 times per year. Master Moyano stays in California for two weeks each visit and will teach a few days in each of the five Pa-Kua Studios in California each visit.

Most of the Courses in Pa-Kua do not have any prerequisite. Anyone can request to take a Course, so invite your friends and family to join in.

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