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Pa-Kua Energy teaches the oldest traditional knowledge in handling internal energy applied to health, harmony, and strength of human energy. The content is organized to be developed in regular weekly classes and through endless techniques applicable to the vitality of body and mind, and through knowledge and skills related to food, energy pathways, traditional Chinese medicine, applied massage, The Chi Kung, and more.

The class is for everyone to learn and practice ancient techniques for improved health and longevity. You will learn about nutrition, Chinese medicine, meridians, five elements, ying-yang, and more.

Brief Class Overview:
24 Movements to stimulate Energy Ways
Seasonal movements to strengthen the immune system
Seasonal points to balance your energy according to the Season
Chinese Medicine Theory


PaKua Sword Class

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As an integral part of Pa-Kua, the study of Chinese Ancient Weapons is critical to the Martial Art development. Strength, focus, and confidence are a few of the numerous benefits of studying the art of combat with ancient weapons.  Along with the study of the history of the sword and other edged weapons, you will learn their reason for being and the honor surrounding them. The study of ancient weapons stresses awareness, coordination, and self-discipline.

In ancient times the traditional weapons were used for self defense. The art of combat with one of these weapons was often developed out of necessity, using common contemporary items. The stick that accompanied a traveler on his journey can be turned into a weapon, and its use eventually evolved into an art. The common household item used to carry water back from the well, was used as a weapon in case of emergency.

Other common items were used as tools of war. Studying the warrior's discipline from ancient times helps us today in our daily battles of life. The discipline of mind and body acquired during the study of any of these weapons from the past is an invaluable tool for us today.

Brief Class Overview:

Run with training exercises
Meditation for the Sword
24 Movements to improve Energy, Flexibility, Balance, and Coordination
Improvement and practice of Attacks, Defense, and Combinations
Sword Drawing Techniques
Partner Training (one-and-one, etc.)
Technical training such as defense from attacks and offensive techniques
Strength and Core training

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