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4952 Warner Ave. #101
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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About Pa-Kua Orange

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The Pa-Kua Orange school was established in January, 2002. The first classes for the school were taught at the YWCA and then at Hart Park in Orange.
The first rented space for the school was located on Chapman Avenue, right next to a neighborhood gas station. Martial arts and yoga were the classes taught there.
Quickly outgrowing that space, the school was moved to a larger Chapman Avenue location on July 2, 2002 and remained there for 3 years. On July 25, 2005, the Pa-Kua Orange school added another location on the corner of Chapman Avenue and Olive. The two locations were later consolidated and moved to the school’s present location, 55 Plaza Square, on February 2, 2009.
For the 10-year anniversary of Pa-Kua Orange, a huge renovation of the Old Town Orange Plaza location took place. The project involved students, instructors, masters, family and community members working together. The school, the way it is today, is the finished product of that renovation.
The Pa-Kua Orange school provides classes for all ages. Training in any aspect of the art encourages physical, mental and spiritual growth and incorporates the ancient Chinese traditions of Pa-Kua.
Pa-Kua Orange is a committed member of the Pa-Kua International League. The International League of Pa-Kua was founded by Master Giordano Magliacano
(see Pa-Kua History). We have the honor of learning from Itinerant Masters who visit from all over the world to teach Pa-Kua. This makes it possible for the highest ranking Black Belts in a particular geographic area to continue taking classes and courses. It also provides the opportunity to have internationally certified belt evaluations for the students.

There are Pa-Kua schools in Oregon, Idaho, Florida, Nevada and Colorado. In New York there are schools located in Manhattan, Long Island and Brooklyn. The International League also has schools in many parts of Europe, Argentina, Brazil and one in New Zealand.

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What our Students Say

PaKua Orange is a great place to train because there are so many different options. You can train sword, stand-up fighting and ground fighting along with yoga. It really meets the needs of every type of martial artist. This place has great people to train with and has a really positive atmosphere.

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