Pa-Kua History

The Pa-Kua Knowledge, passed down to us along the centuries, throughout millenniums, has transcended time. The Pa-Kua Symbol has shown to be the source of numerous philosophical, humanitarian, medical and nutritional aspect of ancient Chinese knowledge. Pa-Kua has also proven to be the source of infinite wisdom. Subject such as the I-Ching, Ch'ien Chi Kua, Energy Ways, provide the Pa-Kua student with unequaled tools to deal with what surrounds him. Based on the concept of Energy, these various studies of the ancient Chinese ways cover our daily concerns, our relationships, and our health. They are centered around a non-defined monotheistic belief of the world’s existence and direct us toward the fulfillment and betterment of our essence. Be it healing ourselves as well as our family, or be it understanding the patterns of happening in the Universe, the study of Pa-Kua will help one reach a clearer understanding of himself and his surroundings.

The study of the Pa-Kua Symbol and of the knowledge that has, over time and history, derived from it, is one of incredible depth, mysticism and intellectual stimulation. It is said that    Confucius wished to have 50 years added to his life in order to continue his study the Pa-Kua symbol and the I-Ching. The family formation of the Pa-Kua symbol, arranged by Master I-Chang is   the   basis of Pa-Kua International School founded by Master R. Magliacano Giordano some 30 years ago. Historically, Pa-Kua had always been taught in a very traditional form, being passed from generation to generation within the family nucleus.

TheMasterAfter obtaining permission from his Master, the venerable I-Chang Ming, Master Giordano formed the Pa-Kua International School, thus making this vast array of knowledge available to the public at large. Master Giordano has dedicated his life to making the Pa-Kua International School to grow, which has earned him recognition from President Bill Clinton. To date, the School counts close to ten thousand students and offers a variety of studies derived from the ancient PA-Kua Symbol. Studies include subjects such as Pa-Kua Martial arts, Chinese Yoga, Ancient Weapons, Reflexology, Ch'ien Chi Kua, and many more. The Pa-Kua International School has students in countries such Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Israel, United States, etc.

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