The Pakua plaza school in Orange offers a wide variety of classes for students between 3 and 93. From gentle classes like tai chi to the sweaty workouts of acrobatics and cardio kickboxing, this school offers something for everybody. Although the majority of students take a single discipline, like yoga or martial art, people who have been in the school longer will tell you that the thing that really sets the Plaza apart from other schools and studios is the ability to study several different things from the same set of teachers, so that it all works together.

The school features teachers from many different backgrounds and of an assortment of ages, which makes it easy to find someone who fits well with you. From the 18-year old young man who teaches children's martial art to the 50-something (it's not polite to ask!) yoga/martial art ladies, almost anyone can find a teacher who fits with their personal style and who can relate well. The one thing that they all have in common is their love for Pa-Kua and the excellence of their teaching.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that I am one of those excellent teachers, as well as one of the most enthusiastic students in the school.)

Trager J.

I practiced Martial Arts at Pa-Kua Orange for a few years before moving out of town. During my time with Pa-kua I met and worked out with some great people especially Master David Clawson. David is a great teacher and instructor and works hard to help students of all ages, sizes and physical abilities. While my preference was martial arts, Pa-Kua also teaches other skills including yoga, weapons, acrobatics and Tai-chi.

The up side: Pakua is all about the individual student. No competition and aggressive fighting. Evaluations are always paced and never pushed. You get to learn at your own rate. No one is going to make you feel bad because you can't kick high or if you have different skill sets.

Classes are always varied and will challenge you. You can really get and stay in shape if you attend regularly and work hard. You will get sweaty and get your heart rate up.

The down side: there are not that many down sides but I guess if you are looking for an aggressive in your face kill-someone martial art, Pa-kua may not be for you. You will get to practice plenty of basic kicks, punches, blocks, falls and self defense moves, but if you are looking to spar or hit or be hit, Pa-kua won't do it for you.

Pa-kua Orange is a great dojo and studio even if you are older - younger - or right in the middle.

I give a full two karate hoots on this one.

Kyap kyap!!

Brian C.

If you are thinking of participating in any type of martial arts class, you need to check out Pa-Kua Orange. The staff is amazing, they are friendly, kind and respectful. They offer classes for all ages in various disciplines. The environment is clean and safe. Also, its in a great location in the heart of old town orange. Keep up the good work guys.

Alan D.

When I got to Pa Kua in 2012, I was about 200 lbs and out of shape. I wasn't sure what I was looking for at the time, but I knew I needed a change. I came to an open house that a coworker had invited me to and watched the demonstration they presented. Afterwards Master Clawson came and talked to me. I don't remember what was said, but the next thing I knew I was filling out an application and giving him ten dollars for the introductory offer they had going on at the time. You could come to any class you wanted for that month I really couldn't afford it, but I did it anyway. I tried Tai Chi, Yoga, and Reflexology. Yoga was what stuck. I did Yoga on a regular basis for a year and a half. In that time things began to change. Mostly my outlook on life and how I saw myself. Physically I had lost some weight and had a return of flexibility. It was when I started Martial Arts and changed the way I ate that the weight really started coming off. I started out as a size 18; I am now down to a size 10. I have also become much stronger and my flexibility continues to grow. Other changes began happening, I started liking myself and thinking better of myself. Then the day came when I got my Grey Belt in Yoga. I was gently nudge into teaching. This was something I wanted to do since I started Pa Kua and now it is happening. I continued to elevate in both Yoga and Martial Arts . My next milestone came when I received my Blue Belt in Yoga and at the same time I got my Grey Belt in Martial Arts. It was all very surprising to me, I rarely stuck this long with a physical activity, but this felt important. My elevation in Pa Kua has brought personal growth and a more positive way of looking at myself. I am more confident, less fearful, and have found a willingness to dive deeper into who I really am. I have had many years of therapy and twelve step programs, but none of that has come close to the healing I have received here. I am now moving towards my Red Belt in Yoga, Blue Belt in Martial Arts and just received my Yellow Belt in Tai Chi. More importantly, I have found a family, a home, and a blessed life. I am eternally grateful for what Pa Kua has brought me and thank Master Clawson for his continued guidance. May peace, joy and love be with you all.

Yvonne J. Boyd

Our experience with Pa Kua has been a positive one. Our son has trained here since around March of 2014 and we have noticed a confidence we had not seen in him when partaking in other sports. The discipline, confidence and skills he has learned are all lessons he can carry with him throughout his life. We would love to thank Master Clawson and his staff for being both professional and personable with our family. We always recommend Pa Kua to families looking to place their kids in any sport.

PaKua Student

My daughter began studying Pa Kua as a 1st grader and is now in 4th grade. I am amazed at the continued positive impact Pa Kua has on her confidence and leadership skills. When she gets up in front of a group of 50 peers and leads them in martial arts like its second nature, I see firsthand what Pa Kua has given her, and it has generalized to all areas of her life. All of the students seem to be affected in the same way by the positive energy that is Pa Kua. Pa Kua is more than just martial arts; it's a culture of positive thinking and living that is evident from the second you walk in the door. I brought my daughter to learn martial arts and be skilled in self defense, but she has come away with so much more. Thank you!

PaKua Student

Let’s start that Parkua is not just a martial art class, it is more of a family your brothers and sisters will share stories listen to your own and get to know you as you no judging or disagreeing they may try to adjust certain aspects so to achieve a greater goal which in turn will help not only on the Mat but also in life. I began training at the end of 2009 after an life altering experience but with the great training from Master Hedayat and Master Clawson as well with the help of fellow Masters and peers I have moved on to great things leaving pain and frustration in the wake of finding true harmony and satisfaction. If you can’t take my word for it, then please step up to the Mat and challenge what you have just read.

PaKua Student

The sense of companionship, acceptance, and care that each individual receives is what makes the experience at Pakua a unique and positive one. That welcoming community is what keeps me coming back for more!

PaKua Student

Hi my name is Anita pakua student i am going to share my story. I started with Pakua Orange a little over 3 years ago by accident. A serious car accident which left me with mental and physical injuries and little hope of recovery. Even with the help of really good doctor's the chances of getting better were not good maybe someday. Well, one really great day i met a Pakua student in my neighborhood who was on his way to class. I asked if i could go with him and from that day on Pakua became my life support. With the help of some really great Masters, students, and with multi-classes and hard work with buckets of sweat. I can now finally have a life again. Of course i still keep up with other classes with my new everyday hectic stressful life. It's all good *:) happy So, if there is a Pakua Studio in your area - Run as fast as you can & take a class. Things happen - Good Health is everything


In the Summer of 2009, our daughter Gigi underwent neurosurgery. Gigi, who has significant developmental delays, had a challenging recovery, particularly with getting her confidence and self-esteem back. We tried different experiences to help her but it was a slow process. A few months after her surgery, we were at the City of Orange’s Treats in the Streets and met Master Danny passing out promotional flyers for Pa Kua Orange. We’re sort of a “try everything once” kind of family and so we thought, “Let’s give it a try!” We spoke with Master Danny about Gigi’s challenges and he was remarkably kind, understanding and supportive.
In early January, 2010, Master Danny met us on a Sunday morning at the Pa Kua Orange studio. We were there all alone – just mom, dad, Gigi and Master Danny. It was an amazing gift to us that this young man thought enough about helping Gigi to open up the studio just for her. It was an early sign to us that Pa Kua was different. Master Danny led Gigi through several exercises that she had never done (and to that point, exercises we would have never thought she would have done). Gigi was excited, engaged and hooked!

Since then, Gigi has been a fixture at Pa Kua Orange – gradually earning belt after belt (most recently grey!). She looks forward to every class, to every evaluation, to every belt ceremony. She loves not just the rewards of Pa Kua but the effort it requires. She values her classmates and appreciates all of the students that pass through the studio. She has had the gift of several wonderful masters. But above all, she loves Master David. Master David has become a part of our extended family – whether he knows it or not – as he is so important to us and Gigi holds him in the highest esteem. His gifts of patience, kindness, commitment, among others, have made a huge difference in Gigi’s life and our family’s life. When she’s at Pa Kua Orange, she’s at her best. She’s at home.

If you, as we were, are a family in search of an activity that will nurture confidence, self-esteem, athleticism, commitment, camaraderie, then look no further than Master David and Pa Kua Orange.

Gigi's Parents
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